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This is an online virtual Spirit board
that actually works.

This Spirit board game has nothing in common with a cheap street quackery like other talking board games, this is an online virtual Spirit board that really works! This is an ability to talk to ghosts online, to communicate with spirits online using the best online interactive Spirit board, where you can get answers for the most important questions, such as: "Where did my uncle hide the treasure?", "Should I get married?", and other things that matter to you. Or you can just fool around with denizens of another realm instead. Let the spirits from beyond help you make decisions and get to know yourself better! It's a magic and really working online Spirit board game which you can use both for serious matters and for fun! Ask the internet Spirit board a question and get an honest answer that will fascinate you!

Redwerk programmers also often took the advantage of seances, as they had very important questions they needed to ask. For example, they were wondering if they would meet their deadlines, or whether they would get a cool project to develop. But one of Junior Developers was far too kind, she felt sorry for the spirit which was bombarded with such mercantile questions all the time.

So when it was her turn to ask the spirit, she asked not about meeting a deadline, but what the spirit itself wanted to do the most, and how we, the living, can make things easier for it. And the spirit answered that more than anything else it wanted to talk to someone who has a life, but not to a bunch of programmers. The spirit wanted to talk to as many different people as possible.

"Er-r-r..so how exactly can we help you with that?" - asked the girl. "You are Engineers, so work something out" - stated the spirit, "Otherwise, I'll curse you." - it added.

Programmers didn't want to find out, what it's like to be cursed by something from another realm. So they decided to create a game which would let the spirit talk with lots of other people. Yeah, a software. After all, what else a bunch of programmers could do?

And that's how the Spirit board software application was developed and made available for iOS and Android. Having released Spirit board, which is one of the best spirit boards online we hope it will help the spirit talk with interesting people so we won't be cursed forever. Our scary Spirit board game is available for download online at App Store and Google Play.

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